The Current #189: Life Lessons From Iowa

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Show Notes: The Current #189: Life Lessons From Iowa …… for 7-24-11


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Debt Limit Compromise still not achieved
Obama walks out on talks, “takes it to the American people”
Obama Gaffe #1 – Claims 80% of Americans want tax hikes in the deal
Polls suggest not quite that high
Obama Gaffe #2 – Not sure if social security checks will go out if US defaults
Obama Budget Director: We don’t have a priority list for spending if default happens
Shelia Jackson Lee says Obama doesn’t get respect because he’s black
Senator Barack Obama circa 2006 explains why he voted against debt limit increase
Harry Reid explains his no vote in 2006 as well
2012 Presidential Election
Gingrich in deep debt, mostly on private plane travel
Bachmann only raises $4 million in second quarter
Ron Paul releases first TV ad
Rudy Giuliani seriously eyeing presidential run
Rick Perry almost certainly running
“Generic Republican” extends lead over Obama
Everything Else
Obama doesn’t know his own birthday
Woman gropes TSA agent
Nanny State Update: Government shuts down another lemonade stand



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